jeudi, janvier 10, 2008

Could you buy me a Hijab ?

I think that this afternoon I experienced the most unusual situation …Lunch time: I was on a hurry - like always - heading to one of the food courts when I was approached by a young woman wearing a hijab.

She was a recent immigrant in Montreal you could tell by her clothes, she had a paper in her hands and she told me if I could give her some money to buy some dippers for her baby.
I was really late and I did not have any change sop I apologized but she insisted and she told me that it was for her baby she did not have any money and her mother ( I presume) who was looking at us did not have any money either ..

I felt sorry for her so I was looking for a drugstore in the neighbourhood but the closest place was too far … so she asked me If I were Muslim . I told her that I was indeed Muslim just to end the conversation and get her dippers ASAP... Then she looked around she noticed a stand selling hats, purses and hijabs.

So she looked at me and she asked me : Could you buy me a hijab instead ?.. I did not believe that she was asking me to buy her a hijab especially when she already had one covering her head...

Frustrated, I asked her: Do you need dippers for your baby or a hijab ?
She said : Well it’s too far buy me hijab instead ..

I really was going to loose it but I looked at her and said: I will never buy a hijab for a woman and I left

Nowadays, in Montreal, you can see a lot of women recently arrived in the city begging for money for their children, their sick husband etc... But I never encounter one begging for hijab!!!

4 commentaires:

Cold Pizza a dit...

its 2008 dude ! everything is possible ! soon you're gonna see chinese begging for money !:))

sassou a dit...

Kaltilhom ossktou hedhi!! alors là je suis sur le c..!! mella halla

Aziz a dit...

You are right Cold Pizza .. though I never saw a Chinese or an asian as a manner of fact begging for money ..

Sassou : exactement emma ena ma 7abitech noskot!!

Murt tunsi a dit...

Amusant. CHez nous, en France, ce sont des roumaines qui "s'habillent en musulmanes" pour demander l'aumône dans des marchés fréquentés par les arabes et aux sorties des mosquées.